Cartolouco says that he lacked ‘big balls’ to stay with Luiza Ambiel


Rodrigo Faro receives Cartolouco on his Sunday program

Edu Moraes / Record TV

De Splash, in Rio

09/10/2020 17h20

Eliminated from “A Fazenda”, Cartolouco participated in the recording of “A Hora do Faro” this Sunday and commented on the mistakes made in the program. He says he regretted not being with Luiza Ambiel and said that, for him, something more could happen outside the program. “Life is too long.”

I lacked the ball to stay with Luiza [Ambiel]. It would be a very beautiful story to break the age paradigm.

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When asked about having no say in reality, Cartolouco assumed: “I’m too much soap maker”.

He also guaranteed that he did not stage anything. “When I went to be a reason [em vez de emoção], went wrong.”

The trip to Roça left Cartolouco reflective. The journalist spoke about the lessons he learned in confinement. Despite being a big man, at 26, he admits he was not arrested. “I lived two years alone and did nothing”, he commented, still at “Fazenda”.

What did he learn?

The eliminated came out more mature and with some lessons! Splash lists the main learnings of the pawn so far.

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Culinary skills

Cartolouco did not have anything to do with cooking.

“Here I learned how to cut garlic, make crepe, turn the meat in the pan, cut carrots”, he enumerated.

You can get married now!


When he entered the reality show, pedestrians complained about his lack of hygiene, which went on for three days without taking a shower. It was necessary for Luiza to take him under the shower to force the pawn to wash. It looks like he learned! It’s cleaner and even Jojo praised it, saying it smelled good.

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Caring for animals

Cartolouco also learned to take care of several animals at “Fazenda”. At first, he had difficulties with the cow and the calf. After a few days, he showed more care and skill with the animals. Good!

It is important to have a word

Has he already called that it is important to keep the word? The pawn had said he would not vote for Luiza for Roça and what did he do? He pulled it out of the stall. The attitude revolted the women of the program and he was criticized for his attitude.

The journalist has shown at other times that he cannot keep what he says for a long time. He did the same thing when he said he would not vote for Raissa and shortly afterwards agreed to vote for her with Biel and Juliano.

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Be less lazy

Jojo warned the pawn several times: “You need to be less sloppy”. The journalist showed laziness to perform the tasks and had no attitude when it came to helping to put the house in order on a daily basis. After so much criticism, we hope it gets better!

Have courage

After his elimination, Lucas said in the Decompression Booth that his biggest mistake was having pulled Luiza into the bay. The lesson is that it takes courage to play! “I didn’t have a hard time putting Mirella on. I was scared. I was an asshole, and I ended up paying for it.”

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Do not lie!

When reviewing the videos in which he combined votes with the pawns and then the images of him saying that he did not do that, Cartolouco admitted: “I lied!”. Apparently, the public doesn’t like it. I hope he takes this learning to life!


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