Casagrande asks for change in football after Robinho case: ‘It looks like a bubble’ – 10/17/2020


Commentator Walter Casagrande spoke again about striker Robinho, who had his contract suspended with Santos after the negative repercussions surrounding his first-ever conviction of sexual violence in Italy. In participation in “Tá Na Área”, of SporTV, today, the former player said that football “looks like a bubble” and asked for changes.

“I have said several times that it seems that football is a bubble and inside you can do everything, attack, even kill, offend women in the stadium … When you do it on the street, you are arrested. So football has to break this bubble, it doesn’t exist “, he said.

“I am very sorry that there has to be pressure from the sponsors and public pressure for Santos to terminate the contract with Robinho. This business of having been in common agreement … This negotiation shouldn’t even have started. should have started. It was good to show that football is part of society, it is not a separate universe “, added the former player.

Casão also said that the case should serve as an example for young athletes who are going to play in Europe.

“It is an example for players who are abroad, young people who are going there and start to stand out, earn a lot of money and start to think they are God. When you think you are God, you think you can do everything and nothing happens. This is an illusion “, he said.

“They [jovens] need psychological help when they realize this is happening [deslumbramento] and stop. I will not defend Robinho in any way, at this moment he is a convict in the Italian court. There is no need to defend this type of situation “, he concluded.

This Friday, transcripts of the trial in Italy surfaced in which the player claims that “the woman was completely drunk” and admitted to having had oral sex with her. Sponsors have positioned themselves and charged the club after disclosure.

In the middle of the afternoon, Santos announced the suspension of the contract signed with Robinho on October 10th. The athlete spoke on the subject on Instagram and said he will prove his innocence in the case.

The 36-year-old has been sentenced to nine years in prison in Italy for “group sexual violence”. The decision is in the first instance and the player and his lawyers appeal.


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