Cash stopped Cash Have? SEE how to anticipate cash withdrawal via app


THE BOX Has, CAIXA application created to facilitate the access of all Brazilians to social services and various bank transactions, it moves resources of important benefits, such as, for example, the emergency aid, the Seniority Guarantee Fund (FGTS) and the Emergency Benefit (Good).

In addition, the application allows purchases on the internet using the Virtual Debit Card, generated free of charge in the app itself, and also in-store purchases through a QR Code generated by the shopkeeper on the shop’s own machine.

Regarding the receipt of benefits, the amount is first credited to Caixa Tem and then the cash withdrawal can be released. The release usually occurs in weeks. However, many citizens complain about the difficulty and waiting time to withdraw money before the day of withdrawal.

Despite the rule, there are ways to use the benefit before the withdrawal schedule. See how:

3 ways to withdraw money from Caixa Tem before the date

The application is available for download on Android and iOS stores. After installation, the user just needs to login to start the credited money transfer process.

Here are 3 tips on how to access the money before the withdrawal date:

1 – Deposit in a digital account through the boleto

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The worker can use the social savings balance by making a deposit slip. For this, the user simply generates the document through a digital bank (PicPay, Nubank, Mercado Pago, Banco Inter, Recarga Pay) of which he is an account holder. Then, the worker must pay the ticket using the Caixa Tem application. The money transfer and deposit process takes up to two business days.

The maximum amount of payments is R $ 600.

2 – Transfer by virtual debit card

Another possibility is to withdraw the money in advance through the Guiabolso application. In it, the worker can create an account and add the data of the virtual debit card created in Caixa Tem to start the free transfers at any time of the day.

This functionality is available at Banco do Brasil, Caixa (virtual card), Bradesco, C6 Bank, Santander, Sicredi and Banco Inter.

3 – Purchases using the virtual debit card

Another way to move the digital savings balance is to use the virtual debit card of the Caixa Tem application.

The worker can make purchases with the application. For this, payment can be made through a QR Code generated on the card machines of commercial establishments. This option is also released for purchases over the internet.

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