Cash will release 4 more lots of up to R $ 1,045; See who receives


The Emergency Time Guarantee Fund (FGTS) in emergency mode, created due to the coronavirus pandemic, will have, by November, four more batches of withdrawals. This time, the beneficiaries will be those born in September, October, November and December.

The payment schedule was organized in the same way as the emergency aid, that is, defined from the worker’s birthday month, and consisting of two dates. In the first, the account is credited, and weeks later, the amount is released for cash withdrawals and bank transfers.

Digital account deposit closed

According to the calendar, deposits of up to R $ 1,045 in Caixa’s digital social savings account have already been made for all workers.

The amount, in this first moment, can be used to pay bills and bills or make purchases with the virtual debit card generated in the Caixa Tem application or by reading the QR Code. The deposits were completed on September 21st.

Withdrawals and transfers were released to eight groups of workers, born between January and August, and the remaining four batches will be available until November.

On October 17, cash withdrawals and transfers to other banks were released for those born in July and August. On October 31, it will be the turn of those born in September and October. Finally, on November 14, workers who were born in November and December will be considered.

FGTS Calendar

Check out the full payment schedule for the FGTS emergency withdrawal below:

Account deposit

  • Born in January – June 29;
  • Born in February – July 6;
  • Born in March – July 13;
  • Born in April – July 20;
  • Born in May – July 27;
  • Born in June – August 3;
  • Born in July – August 10;
  • Born in August – August 24;
  • Born in September – August 31;
  • Born in October – September 8;
  • Born in November – September 14;
  • Born in December – September 21.

Withdrawal and transfer

  • Born in January – July 25;
  • Born in February – August 8;
  • Born in March – August 22;
  • Born in April – September 5;
  • Born in May – September 19;
  • Born in June – October 3;
  • Born in July and August – October 17;
  • Born in September and October – October 31;
  • Born in November and December – November 14.

Withdrawals can be made until December 31, 2020. If there is no movement in digital social savings until November 30, the amounts will be returned to the FGTS account, with the necessary corrections.

Consultation of FGTS balance

The FGTS emergency plunder was made available to support workers affected by the economic crisis resulting from the pandemic. All workers who have active (current job) and inactive (previous job) accounts are entitled to payments, which can reach R $ 1,045.

To consult the amount to be received, simply access the following channels:

  • Site –;
  • FGTS application;
  • Internet Banking Caixa;
  • Central Telephone Box – 111, option 2.

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