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After seven years in prison in the domains of Dom Rafael (Cesar Troncoso), Cassiano (Henri Castelli) managed to escape the nightmare and start life again in Village of the Winds. More in the next chapters of Flower of the Caribbean, the pilot will return to the hell he went through Guatemala. But how will he be captured? Check out!

Ester (Grazi Massafera) counts on help to try to prevent the flight of Cassiano’s plane (Henri Castelli) – ‘Flor do Caribe’ – Photo: Globo

Coming soon, Alberto (Igor Rickli) will be able to trap and make Gonzalo (Norberto Presta) capture Cassiano in the hut where he used to meet Ester (Grazi Massafera). The owner of the NGO, who was on a call with her lover at the time of the kidnapping, listens to the delegate’s voice and asks for help from the pilot’s Air Force friends.

Taís (Débora Nascimento) and Ester (Grazi Massafera) cry because of the kidnapping of Cassiano (Henri Catelli) – ‘Flor do Caribe’ – Photo: Globo

Everyone runs to the flight track to prevent them from taking Cassiano, but Gonzalo’s plane takes off towards Guatemala. Esther and Taís (Débora Nascimento) despair, but the lieutenant Isabel (Thaíssa Carvalho) guarantees that they will be able to rescue their friend safe and sound.

Cassiano (Henri Castelli) again becomes a prisoner of Dom Rafael (Cesar Troncoso) – ‘Flor do Caribe’ – Photo: Globo

Hours later, Cassiano is taken directly to prison, where his former confinement acquaintances are.

Duke (Jan Pierre Noher), Isabel (Thaíssa Carvalho), Amadeu (Dudu Azevedo), Ciro (Max Fercondini) and Rodrigo (Thiago Martins) are preparing for the rescue of Cassiano (Henri Castelli) – ‘Flor do Caribe’ – Photo: Globe

Even in fear of being caught by Dom Rafael, Duke (Jean Pierre Noher) agrees to go with the group for Cassiano’s rescue mission. However, when they are about to invade the prison, Duque is surprised to say that he will not follow them, as he has other plans. But first, he delivers a map of the mobster’s lands.

Duque (Jan Pierre Noher) invades the home of Dom Rafael (Cesar Troncoso) – ‘Flor do Caribe’ – Photo: Globo

At night, Isabel, Amadeu (Dudu Azevedo), Ciro (Max Fercondini) e Rodrigo (Thiago Martins) invade Dom Rafael’s domains and initiate the plan to remove the pilot from prison. Meanwhile, Duke enters the house of his former executioner and comes face to face with him:

“Don Rafael, aren’t you going to welcome your former partner?” Says Duque.

Dom Rafael (Cesar Troncoso) is surprised by Duke (Jan Pierre Noher) ‘visit’ – ‘Flor do Caribe’ – Photo: Globo

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Ester gives in to Alberto’s blackmail, but demands that they sleep in separate rooms. Mila discovers that Natália is in love with Juliano. Ester tells Márcia that the Albuquerque Group will stop sponsoring the NGO. Vanessa confirms that the bikini distributor has agreed to make the video with the Vila dos Ventos models. Samuel gives Esther the money he received from the Germans to help his daughter support the NGO. Isabel and the pilots are looking for a way to evaluate the documents brought by Gonzalo. Dionysus discovers that his medal is not in the safe.

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