Cats seem to hate the new Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit


With the launch of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit for Nintendo Switch, many homes around the world are turning into real race tracks, as the game uses remote control carts to navigate the circuits you build in your own home.

Things can get even more exciting if you have one or more kittens at home. After all, as expected, the pussies are quite strange to see Mario and Luigi’s go-karts traveling their territory at full speed in real life.

With that, the internet is already full of videos, gifs, stories and photos of the cats scared to death, attacking or studying their “new enemies”, as you can see above and below.

Unfortunately, despite the presence of Nintendo in Brazil, the kit with the game, cars and accessories is not for sale in stores here, so the only way to play the new one Mario Kart is appealing to the import or gray market.

What did you think of the new Nintendo exclusive game? Did you expect this reaction from the kittens? Did you find any other cool and funny video with the animals facing the karts? Show it to us in the comments below!


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