CBF schedules meeting with clubs to discuss fans’ return to stadiums and more subscribers


Since the stoppage due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, Corinthians and other clubs in Brazil have operated with closed gates in all competitions. After rejecting the possibility of changing this reality, CBF is considering the return of fans to the stadiums.

According to the newspaper O Globe, the organization invited the country’s teams to discuss the opening of the gates this Friday. A few weeks ago, it is worth remembering that CBF already has the release of the Public Ministry to return 30% of the stadiums’ capacity.

The possible return was denied by 19 of the 20 Serie A clubs at a recent meeting, which did not even include representatives from Flamengo – the Rio team was in favor of returning. In September, Rio de Janeiro even confirmed the fans’ return to Maracanã, but the possibility was vetoed – Andrés Sanchez, at the time, threatened not to enter the field if there was release in just one state.

If the round is approved by the clubs and public entities of each location, the tendency is to happen gradually from the second round of the championship.

The meeting this Friday, it is worth mentioning, will still discuss another important point for the teams that compete in the Brasileirão: the increase in the list of registered for the national competition. The idea of ​​enrolling up to 50 athletes in the tournament will be voted – currently, the limit is 40 per team.

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