CBN hires Rodrigo Bocardi and launches new program


On the 9th of November the CBN launch the program ‘Final Point CBN‘, which will be daily, from 5 pm to 8 pm. To command the attraction, the radio hired Rodrigo Bocardi, since 1999 on TV Globo, and presenter since 2013. Your colleague on the bench will be Carolina Morand, currently editor and presenter of the podcast Ao Ponto, of the newspaper O Globo. She returns to the house where she worked for almost 20 years and was a reporter, anchor and manager of Journalism.

Ponto Final CBN will replace Jornal da CBN – 2nd edition and will bring a totally new approach to the schedule. The goal is to always be on the side of the listeners, with the audience participating in a constant conversation to analyze the main news of the day, from a clear and firm point of view, but in an informative and uncomplicated way. It will be a dynamic program, focusing on the hottest news of the day, with Bocardi in São Paulo and Morand in Rio de Janeiro.

“After taking in the wonderful surprise of the invitation to occupy such an important place, I look forward to being with the people who accompany CBN across the country. I want to be their voice around good information, with a lot of fun, ”said Bocardi, who will also continue ahead of Bom Dia São Paulo and Bom Dia Brasil, on TV Globo.

For Morand, it will be a return to a medium he knows very well: “It is a joy to return to CBN. At Ponto Final, we will have the mission to deepen and analyze the issues of the day, with a lot of content, but also a dose of lightness and good humor ”.

The current anchor of JCBN2, Rosana Jatobá, will have a new program, CBN Sustentabilidade, to bring the main news of ESG (Enviroment, Social and Governance, in the acronym in English) and to interview the great names of the area.

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