CDS with “fund reserves” on mandatory wearing of mask and the app Stayaway Covid – Observer


The CDS-PP expressed this Wednesday “fund reservations” in relation to the Government’s proposal to make the use of a mask on public roads and the use of the ‘StayAway Covid’ application mandatory in school and work contexts.

“Regarding the use of the mask in a public space, our concern has to do with the formulation in which it will be done. It is essential that the criterion is clear, to identify exactly in which circumstances it is necessary and mandatory to use the mask“So that” people can comply “and” do not leave room for all kinds of misunderstandings and difficulties with the population, “said centrist deputy Ana Rita Bessa in a statement to journalists at the Assembly of the Republic, in Lisbon.

Regarding the mandatory use of the application “StayAway Covid”, an application for mobile phones created to alert those who have been close to a person infected with Covid-19, the CDS has “background reservations” and stresses that “it is legally very complicated to compel people” to use an application “that monitors their behaviors ”.

Ana Rita Bessa noted that “the application was created, designed and advertised as an application for voluntary use, the entire process of ‘downloading’ the ‘app’, connecting via ‘bluetooth’, loading the code is voluntary” and “Raised serious legal problems to exist as it is”.

“Therefore, it seems to us very complicated legally that it can be mandatory, it seems technically very difficult to do it and in practical terms also very complicated, because that would imply that everyone had a device capable of supporting the ‘app ‘, which is not exactly the case ”, he advocated.

The CDS MP asked for a “very serious assessment” of this intention, which “is highly disturbing of what individual freedoms are”, claiming that “It is not at all clear that it can be considered mandatory”.

“Even in favor of the common good, we understand that it must be evaluated very, very carefully”, he insisted, affirming that the centrists identify “serious problems” of constitutionality in this matter.

The Prime Minister, António Costa, announced this Wednesday that the Government will present to Parliament a proposal to make it mandatory to wear a mask on public roads and to use the StayAway Covid application in work and school contexts.

In a press conference after the Council of Ministers in which it was decided to raise the national territory to the calamity situation due to the pandemic, António Costa announced a set of measures.

In the view of the CDS, “there are more effective measures in controlling the pandemic”, namely “removing pressure on the National Health Service” (SNS), contracting with the private and social sector for the provision of health care. On this issue, the party addressed a question to the Minister of Health, Marta Temido.

“It seems to us very difficult to explain that, without first considering the capacity that the health system still has to use, right from the private and the social, measures are aggravated that interfere with our lives to some extent, not looking for solutions that they relieve pressure on hospitalizations in the NHS, whether Covid or not Covid “, defended Ana Rita Bessa, considering that this should have been” the first step to be taken “.

Asked by journalists whether the CDS has been informed of the evolution of the pandemic, as was happening at Infarmed meetings, Ana Rita Bessa replied that the party has “no knowledge beyond what is public” that allows “to understand what it is based on the Government ”to raise the alert level and intensify measures to combat the pandemic.

The MP also defended that the “Ability to track and carry out epidemiological surveys” be done “in good time, to contain outbreaks when they happen”, mentioning that the party received “numerous complaints” from citizens who were contacted by public health entities “10 days after they had a positive test”, instead of “the three days which is the recommended practice”.


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