Celebrities have fun with their children on Halloween – a Boil


Social media has been filled with fun pictures of parents and children celebrating Halloween.

In the spirit and dressed up, there were many celebrities who shared with the followers the disguises chosen for today.

Do you want something more frightening than a mother who painted her face to convince her children to do the same and failed? That a 3-year-old son who thinks he’s a teenager and doesn’t want to know about photographs? That the fact that Santiago is almost my height? HAPPY HALLOWEEN“, Carolina Deslandes wrote, amused.

Liliana Filiipa also played in the costumes. “These babies of mine are so scary. It’s always a challenge to take photos with them“.

Bárbara Norton de Matos helped her youngest daughter, Flor, to prepare. “8.00 am, painting done. Halloween“.


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