Celebrity daughter breaks the silence about the sex cult


Last year, the trial took place, which received massive attention around the world. The cult NXIVM and founder Keith Raniere ended up under the microscope, and horrific events emerged that had taken place over the years.

“Smallville” star Allison Mack received special attention when it was revealed that she had recruited unsuspecting women into the cult, where in practice they became sex slaves for the group’s leader. She pleaded guilty in the case.

The group was marketed as a self-help group, but was in reality a sex cult.

– Hungry celebrity daughter in the sex cult

The gruesome allegations concern, among other things, female “slaves” who performed perverse acts under duress, branding and serious criminal activities. Ceremonies must also have been arranged – where the actions that took place were described as something from “a horror film”.

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Speaking for the first time

Last year it was revealed that one of those who belonged to the group was the daughter of “Dynasty” star Catherine Oxenberg, India Oxenberg (29).

It was claimed during the trial that India should have been starved so that she could preserve what the cult considered an ideal weight. She is also said to have been threatened with further starvation if she did not follow orders.

Inside the sex cult

Inside the sex cult

Keith Raniere was found guilty on all counts in June last year – of sex trafficking, extortion and possession of child abuse material. He has not yet received the sentence.

In a new documentary, “Seduced: Inside the NXIVM Cult”, which premieres on Thursday, India speaks out for the first time. She has also been interviewed in connection with the launch of the documentary.

Secrets and nude photos

The now 29-year-old actress tells People that she was four years in NXIVM before she was recruited to DOS – the secret “sisterhood” within the group. She says that she was recruited by Allison Mack. She must have felt that she was special, and that she was chosen.

Found guilty in the sex cult case

Found guilty in the sex cult case

She says that the first four years consisted of brainwashing and indoctrination. Inside DOS, which is an abbreviation for “Dominus Obsequious Sororium”, which roughly means “master over slave”, she is said to have been awarded the “Smallville” actress as master.

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– She needed something to be sure that I would not share what she was going to tell. I was the way I ended up giving her pressure. In practice, it was as if I gave her the keys to lock myself in prison, she says.

She explains that the press funding was initially about family secrets and nude photos.

Was ashamed

In the cult, her tasks must have been to cook and wash for Mack, at the same time as she was refused to consume more than 500 calories a day.

In addition, the training in NXIVM must have made her exhausted, and the lack of sleep and food made her lose the ability to think critically and independently, according to herself.

Horrible details from the sex cult: - Like a horror movie

Horrible details from the sex cult: – Like a horror movie

That was how she was seduced into becoming a sex partner for the cult leader, she explains.

– One of my first commands was to seduce Keith. Allison said it would make me feel less vulnerable. And I wanted to believe her.

If she did not do as she was told, punishment was expected. Oxenberg says that she herself thought she deserved it.

– I did not want to look at it as sexual abuse. I felt ashamed and embarrassed about what happened, but I have also forgiven myself. Women who experience this type of abuse tell themselves strange things to deal with, she says.

OPENS UP: India Oxenberg tells its story for the first time in a new documentary such as the sex cult NXIVM. Photo: Screenshot / Starz
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Covered with burn mark

Oxenberg has also talked about his time in the cult in the TV show «Good Morning America», in connection with the documentary launch.

Here she calls the cult leader a “predator”, who was a master at manipulating, according to the NY Post.

She also says that they were forced to have his initials branded on his body. Now she has covered the mark with a tattoo of an evil eye and a Latin phrase meaning “still learning”.

SCANDAL: Last year, former actress Allison Mack was charged with recruiting women to Nxivm, a so-called sex cult. Now she has pleaded guilty in the case. Video: Reuters. Clip: Ørjan Ryland / Dagbladet
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The 29-year-old explains that it was impossible for her to say no to sex, and that it was difficult to get away, as she had provided information that would harm others.

– I had given press agents who automatically removed my choice. I did not have the opportunity to say no. Saying no meant hurting my family or friends, and I would not do that, she says.

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“Horror movie”

Oxenberg’s story is only the latest in a series. Several women have told about their experiences in the past. Several have told similar stories, about branding and forced sex. Ceremonies must also have been arranged – where the actions that took place were described as something from “a horror film”.

Purses to get sex cult suspect star out of jail

Purses to get sex cult suspect star out of jail

Earlier witnesses have claimed that cult leader Raniere preferred that his sex slaves be thin, sleep deprived and obedient. He is also said to have had nicknames for the ladies, where Oxenberg was called “the princess” and Mack was referred to as “the brat”.

Oxenberg is the granddaughter of the Princess of Yugoslavia, Jelisaveta Karadjordjevic, who was also a presidential candidate in Serbia.

Also the Canadian actress Sarah Edmondson (41) and a woman under the name “Sylvie” told their versions from inside the sex cult.

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