Cell phones with 100 W wireless charging should become reality in 2021


Smartphones with wireless charging support have already surpassed the 50 W power mark, as is the case with the Mi 10 Ultra, but the trend for 2021 should be to double that capacity. The information comes from the Digital Chat Station leaker and points to a future of ultra-fast, wireless charges.

In a post on the Weibo social network, the informant stated that he had access to roadmaps from several manufacturers, where he was able to find the development of wireless charging technologies at around 100 W of power.

So far, no company has revealed plans to launch a wireless charging solution at such speed, but the means must not be lacking. In July this year, for example, Qualcomm announced the Quick Charge 5 standard, which is compatible with powers greater than 100 W.

Although Xiaomi is the only manufacturer to have a mobile phone on the market that supports 50W wireless charging, its rival OPPO is the manufacturer that has charging technology wireless faster – the 65 W AirVOOC, which is capable of recharging a 4,000 mAh smartphone in 30 minutes, promises the company.

Fight of fellow countrymen

The race for those presenting the fastest charging technology on the market has three Chinese manufacturers at the forefront: Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi. Currently, Oppo leads with its 120 W Flash Charge technology, which promises to recharge (wired) a 4,000 mAh battery in just 20 minutes, and going from 0% to 50% would take just over 5 minutes.

Xiaomi and Vivo share the second place with their solutions of 120 W each, but they are the only ones in the market that already have a smartphone in stores that support this speed, cases of the Mi 10 Ultra and the iQOO 5 Pro.

Source: Gizmochina

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