Cellbit announces the game Paranormal Order: Enigma of Fear


Cellbit is undeniably one of the best known youtubers in Brazil. After years of work on the platform, the content producer decided to take the next step in the gaming universe. Rafael Lange will act as Creative Director in the game Paranormal Order: Enigma do Fear. The streamer did a live yesterday (17) to announce the financing campaign for the project. Surprisingly, the campaign reached the required target in just 5 hours of circulation.

The project, posted in Catarse, had a target of R $ 500,000 within 60 days. It is fantastic to see the support of the community as a whole, making the goal reach so quickly! Initiatives like this are of great importance for the promotion of industry in Brazil. The success of a project certainly helps to leverage others and, of course, attracts more investments to this sector.

The Story of Paranormal Order: Enigma of Fear

The game is being made by Dumativa Game Studio, a company from Rio de Janeiro responsible for The Legend of the Hero and Shieldmaiden. The project is currently being described as a game of exploration, riddles and survival with a deep narrative. The perspective used will be the isometric one, the same as for games like Diablo. The visual style adopted was pixel art, which was very high in the market. The protagonist of the work is called Mia, an intelligent paranormal detective who will be accompanied by Lupi, her faithful companion.

In short, at this first moment, the campaign ensured the development of the PC version, specifically for Steam. Console versions will be created if the game reaches the funding target for them – R $ 1 million. Currently the game is scheduled to launch in June 2022.

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Published on October 18, 2020 at 9:40 am.
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