Ceni highlights motivation after victory in the 1st Classic-King of the final and comments on Tinga’s celebration | fortress


After the victory against Ceará, in the first final of Cearense, by 2-1, coach Rogério Ceni highlighted the team’s momentum in the game. The coach lost Bruno Melo in the first half, after colliding with Bruno Pacheco, and revealed that Osvaldo also asked to be replaced at halftime. Ceni put Tinga in place of Felipe, and the player scored the winning goal, in the 46th minute of the second half.

+ With Tinga’s goal at the end, Fortaleza beat Ceará in the 1st final of the state

– The next duel is too distant for us to make a projection yet. I think that what motivates the most is the victory in Classic-King, that we know how important it is for the local fan. But there is wear and tear, you play for real. We had Bruno’s injury (Melo). But a title is a title, an achievement is worth a lot. Half the way is now. We have another game on October 21st. Everything completely open.

Rogério Ceni, Fortaleza coach – Photo: Thiago Gadelha / SVM

Ceni commented on the celebration of Tinga, after the second goal. Ceni did not see the scene, but apologized to Ceará if there was an understanding of any provocation.

– I’ll be honest. I didn’t see (Tinga’s celebration). I went to talk at the bank. They said he went by vibrating. I didn’t see the celebration. I only went to apologize if something was provocative. His passage through the bank of Ceará … It was a commuting thing, but I’m not sure, because I didn’t see it. If so, we apologize. They are two teams that have to unite for Ceará football. We have to keep the strength of both teams. We have to be rivals on the field, but work together in favor of Ceará football – he says.

He also commented on the decision to cast Ronald and leave Wellington Paulista out of the starting lineup.

– We understand that we had to, on the physical side, put Ronald more rested. He was a player who can play open, he may not be able to deliver as a forward, but he can close. The team fell on the physical side. He managed to complete 90 minutes and collaborated a lot. We scored both goals from set pieces. It was balanced. For a moment, Ceará was better. Today, we left with the victory.


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