Changed a little, huh? Renderings of Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra appear before launch


Expected to be launched in January of next year, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is already beginning to have part of its information released on the internet, which includes certification at 3C (which allowed it to know more about the device’s charging capacity) , the expectation of maintaining a 120Hz screen and even the emergence of hardware information from the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Following with the monitoring of rumors and leaks, we have the appearance of more information related to the new device, which includes renderings that point out how the possible new device from Samsung can be and also, what has changed when talking about dimensions.

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Galaxy S21 receives certification

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Speaking first of the rendering in question, we have the appearance of the image below, which shows that part of the visual identity with a 360º rendering, revealing that the main aesthetic novelty will be seen at the rear of the device.

Offering a frame that partly resembles that seen in the Galaxy Note 20, the camera module is now integrated with the side of the device (before they did not talk) and integrating only the cameras. The flash was deleted and is now directly on the body of the device.

Another aspect mentioned thanks to the leaks in question are the aesthetic developments (or in this case, regressions) seen in the new device, if these renderings are effectively confirmed at the launch of the device.

According to the Ice Universe (tweet below), it is possible to observe when compared with more attention that Samsung made some specific changes in the project, being noticed for example that it kept practically the same dimensions (it will have the same height but it is slightly thicker and wide) and with more edges, possibly to reduce the total cost of the device.

To close, we have the dimensions mentioned also by Ice Universe. According to him, the Galaxy S21 should measure 151.7mm x 71.2mm x 8mm, which puts it as stated above, slightly larger than the Galaxy S20 which has official dimensions of 151.7mm x 69.1mm x 7.9mm.

Galaxy S21 Ultra also had rendering disclosed

Additionally, the Galaxy S21Ultra also had images released by OnLeakes, revealing an identity similar to that seen in the simpler brother.

The main highlight in this aspect is due to the wider frame with the inclusion of another sensor at the rear and the incorporation of the flash, positioned next to the first camera.

For the time being, the information should be seen more as a rumor than as something effectively guaranteed, but considering the hit rate of the leakers, it is possible to imagine that a good part of this information will be confirmed soon.


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