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A Federal Savings Bank, in partnership with Elo, launched a new exclusive card for payroll loans, that is, with installments being deducted directly from the customer’s payroll. With that, there will be no consultation with the SPC and Serasa.

The new card is intended for INSS retirees and pensioners, Caixa employees, public servants and employees of private companies. However, the card is expected to be available to the entire country in June.

See the card facilities

Internet request

The card can be ordered online in order to reduce the flow at Caixa branches and with the intention of making it easier for customers. With that, it is not necessary to attend the agency.

Interest rate

According to Caixa’s president, Pedro Guimarães, the card’s interest rates will be competitive, positioning itself among the lowest in the market. Rates are expected to be in the range of 1% to 2.5%. The objective is to give access to the most deprived population to credit and make this process cheaper and easier.

Other benefits

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The card can be used both nationally and internationally. Another benefit for credit card customers is have no annual fee.

A Central Bank Circular No. 3,813, approved on November 23, 2016, allows the credit card customer to choose to convert the amount spent outside the country with the purchase date quote. Before, the only option was to convert the quote from the invoice date.

The choice must be made when the card is released for international use. Once the conversion method has been chosen, the customer will only be able to change it again after 90 days. The rule also applies to purchases made over the internet on websites in other countries. So far, CAIXA is the only bank that offers the customer the choice of conversion by the date of purchase.

How to make the card?

To make the Caixa Simples card, citizens, retirees or pensioners of the INSS, under 75 years old, must look for a Caixa branch with the following documents in hand: RG; CPF; Proof of address; and Benefit statement.

It is not possible to order the card via the internet. The bank, however, allows the possibility of checking balance, extracting purchases and invoices, duplicate requests, temporarily blocking the card, and other services. All of this can be done through the “Cartão Caixa” and “Mobile Banking Caixa” applications that can be downloaded through the cell phone.

Part of the payment of the card invoice is automatically discounted in about 5% of the INSS benefit.

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