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The Epidemiological Surveillance of São Carlos confirms this Wednesday (10/07) the numbers of COVID-19 in the municipality.

São Carlos currently counts 3,099 positive cases for COVID-19 (14 positive results were released today), with 46 confirmed deaths and 80 discarded.

Of the 3,099 positive cases, 2,869 people had flu syndrome and were not hospitalized, 3 deaths without hospitalization, 227 people needed hospitalization due to COVID-19, 166 were discharged, 21 are hospitalized and 43 positive patients died. 2,913 people have fully recovered from the disease. 13,031 suspected cases have already been ruled out for the new coronavirus (24 results were released today).

At this moment, 42 people are hospitalized, 20 adults in the ward (11 positive, 5 suspected and 4 negative). 18 people are hospitalized in the adult ICU (15 positive, 2 suspect and 1 negative). In the ward 3 children are hospitalized, one with a positive result for the disease and two with a negative result. In the pediatric ICU, 1 child is also hospitalized with a negative result for COVID-19. Eight patients from other municipalities are hospitalized in São Carlos. The occupancy rate of special beds for COVID-19 in the ICU / SUS is currently 57.2% (15 people are hospitalized in ICU / SUS beds).

NOTIFICATIONS – 16,193 people have passed through the city’s Flu Syndrome notification system since March 21, with 15,104 people having completed the 14 day isolation period and 1,089 still in isolation at home.

The Municipality of São Carlos is carrying out PCR tests on people who visit the public health services with Flu Syndrome (fever, accompanied by one or more symptoms such as cough, sore throat, runny nose, shortness of breath). 9,541 people have already performed exams collection, of which 7,477 had a negative result for COVID-19, 1,935 had a positive result (these results are already counted in the total of cases). 129 are awaiting examination results.

The daily bulletin issued by the São Carlos Epidemiological Surveillance accounts for notifications from the health units of the City Hall, University Hospital (HU), Santa Casa, private network and health plans.

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