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There are many premieres in theaters this Thursday, 15, exactly seven. US Movies (the Final Cut de Apocalypse Now), China (the exciting Live to Sing), Poland (an unprecedented Kieslowski!) and Brazil (the surprising Yesterday There Were Strange Things in Heaven). At Belas Artes Mon Amour, films that remained for years in the set of theaters return – the Argentine The Son of the Bride, the cult Private Fears in Public Places, by Alain Resnsais, e 2046, by Wong Kar-Wai. The Kinoplex reopens with a mix of reruns that includes a lot of terror. UCI brings a festival of the great films of Christopher Nolan (Dunkirk, The Origin, Batman – Dark Knight). And the Cinemark of Shopping Eldorado, which also invests in reruns, makes popcorn its great novelty – the flavors are inspired by the desserts at the Outback restaurant.

Apocalypse Now: Final Cut

After the success in Belas Artes Drive-in and the streaming of Petra Belas Artes, the feature film Francis Ford Coppola turned into work in progress. Despite the 1979 Palme d’Or – divided with The Drum, by Volker Schlondorff -, Coppola was never satisfied with the film that had a complicated shooting in the Philippines. Director’s wife, Eleanor Coppola made a making of documentary A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse – to show how Francis Ford was on the verge of losing his mind. In Apocalypse Now Redux and now, Final Cut, he added scenes, but mainly reached the rhythm he wanted for his war opera. Martin Sheen is sent to Southeast Asia to kill Marlon brando – Colonel Kurtz – who has gone mad and is committing barbarities in Cambodia. Great scenes and fierce criticism – when the United States lost more than innocence, morality in Vietnam. How the high technology of a superpower was defeated by the guerrillas. A great film that remains – forever – with the viewer.


Representative of Holland at the Oscar 2020 – it was not among the five finalists -, the film marks the debut of actress Halina Raijn in the direction. Complex and disturbing, it tells the story of a psychologist who treats a detainee in a resocialization institute. He, Marwan Kenzari, was convicted of rape, but he does not claim to be a rapist of women. She, Carice Von Houten, gets involved with the guy in a tortuous relationship. What is this desire, and why?


Producer of Elite squad (1 e 2), Marcos Prado he has his own career as a director, which increases with this reconstitution of the hunt for two brothers accused of serial murders in Serra dos Órgãos, in the State of Rio, in the 1990s. The story is real, but the character of the policeman, played by Renato Goes, is fiction. The film premiered at Belas Artes Drive-in and now hits theaters.

Yesterday There Were Strange Things in Heaven

The cinematographer Bruno Trisas makes a beautiful debut in the direction. The film was at festivals in Brazil (Mostra Aurora de Tiradentes) and abroad (Turin, Italy). It has a documentary feel to it, but it’s fiction. The author films his own family, which has gone through difficulties and is beginning to reorganize itself. Most surprising in Bruno’s direction is his discovery of his mother’s dramatic potential. This woman was born to be an actress. It has the physical intensity and the bitter mouth of Jeanne Moreau and Lilian Lemmertz. Housewife is abducted by flying saucer. How is family life?

Osmar, The First Slice of Bread

Brazilian animation Alê McHaddo, with the voices of Marcius Melhem e Leandro Hassum, and special participations from Anderson Silva, Constanza Pascolato e Johnny Luxury. The first slice of bread is tired of being neglected, forgotten, and will try its luck in the big city. Will it be appetizing for new tastes? Series before becoming a movie, do you have admirers for its unusual style – absurd?

Blind Luck

The Cultural Reserve reopens with a cycle of ten films Krzysztof Kieslowski, all remastered and two unpublished in Brazilian cinemas. In this first week the three films of the color trilogy are shown, You will not love and the unprecedented Blind Luck. A medical student runs to catch the train. Here are three possible versions for the great author to reflect on the Polish reality of the early 1980s. The film was banned by the authorities and only released years later.

Live to Sing

Shown at last year’s Mostra, the Chinese feature premiere almost a year later, when a new edition of the São Paulo Film Festival is about to begin. The conductor of an opera that suffers from the loss of audience keeps it secret from the group that the venue will be demolished. Johnny Ma’s debut work addresses topics such as resistance – singing to live – and tells his story with beautiful color that gains a gray tone – the risk of censorship of art. Exciting, and very topical.

  • At Frei Caneca Arteplex and at Espaço Itaú Augusta


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