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SÃO PAULO – The premiums paid for government securities traded via Tesouro Direto operate close to stability this Wednesday afternoon (14).

The inflation-linked security due in 2035 paid an annual rate of 4.06%, the same as presented on Tuesday (13). The premium paid for the same paper with semiannual interest and term in 2040, in turn, remained at 4.00% per year.

Among the fixed-rate securities, the one due in 2023 offered an annual premium of 4.72%, compared to 4.70% pa previously. The interest paid by the Prefixed Treasury with semiannual interest and maturing in 2031 fell from 7.80% to 7.77% per year.

At the Treasury Selic, the discount rate, which reached 0.37% on Thursday (08), fell again on Wednesday. This afternoon, the paper paid for the Selic variation plus a discount rate close to 0.20% per year, compared to 0.27% pa yesterday.

Check the prices and rates of government bonds this Wednesday (14):

Source: Tesouro Direto

International framework

In the external scene, the interruption of tests for the vaccine and medication against the coronavirus developed by Johnson & Johnson and Eli Lilly continued to weigh on the market.

Attention also fell on the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, who is being pressured to re-implement a national quarantine in the country due to the increasing number of coronavirus cases.

Johnson resists, opting for more drastic measures only in some parts of the country, because the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the second quarter of the year was one of the most affected by the economic crisis.

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Another factor that contributed to greater market caution on Wednesday was the delay in the approval of a new financial package in the United States, to alleviate the effects caused by the pandemic.

The last $ 3 trillion package was approved in May. Last week, the Donald Trump administration indicated that it would not discuss a new package until the elections on November 3. He changed his tone, however, and presented an offer of US $ 1.8 trillion on Friday (9).

Nancy Pelosi, a representative of the Democratic party, who has a majority in Congress, said, however, that the terms of the package did not address major concerns.

Still on Friday, Pelosi’s spokesman, Drew Hammil, wrote on Twitter that “it is especially worrying that there is no agreement on a strategic plan to end the virus.” Since then, there have been no major signs of progress on the proposal.

Domestic scene

In Brazil, investors monitored the extension, until the end of the year, of the program that allows the employer to reduce the working hours and the salary of employees.

Among domestic indicators, the volume of services provided rose 2.9% in August compared to July, in the seasonally adjusted series.

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According to data from the Monthly Survey of Services, of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), this was the third positive rate in a row, accumulating an increase of 11.2% in the period.

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