Chevrolet Onix RS 2021 is a “sports car”?


Having the mission of designing the Chevrolet Onix RS, the idea of ​​making an Onix with 1.2 turbo engine of the Tracker (133 hp and 21.4 kgfm), 6-speed manual transmission and suspension adjustment and specific steering certainly passed through the minds Chevrolet product development. It would be a great competitor for the Renault Sandero RS But things don’t always go the way we want in this life …

For a start, it wouldn’t be called Onix RS. The acronym RS, in the case of Chevrolet, designates versions that look sporty without mechanical changes – with that, it would be an SS, like the Camaro sold here. Meaning of Rallye Sport, the acronym RS debuted exactly in Camaro in 1968, in its first generation, and it is the first time that it is in a Brazilian model. Yes, we had the Chevrolet Meriva, Astra and Corsa SS, but not even the brand knows what happened for them to come out like that, different from the global “rule”.

Now that we have explained a little about the acronym, we go to the Chevrolet Onix RS 2021. Positioned between the LTZ and Premier versions, the RS differs by a set of exclusive bumpers, honeycomb front grille and 16 “rim wheels in shiny black, as well as the rear view mirror cover and the roof, side skirt and a discreet airfoil on the rear cover, inside, columns and roof are covered in black and the steering wheel with a straight base receives red stitching, as well as the seats with exclusive fabrics. In addition, the instrument panel also receives graphics with red accents.

As the acronym itself already denounces, there is no change in the mechanics. Expected at least with a 6-speed manual gearbox, the Onix RS fulfilled “consumer requests” and uses the 1.0 turbo three-cylinder engine, with up to 116 hp and 16.8 kgfm of torque, linked to the 6-speed automatic gearbox , the same set as the rest of the line. Suspension, steering and brakes also follow the same pattern already known.

We have already seen versions in our market with sporty looks and engines well below expectations. Not that the Onix RS is a legitimate hot hatch or cannon on wheels, but we can’t judge it before trying it out. After all, it features a 1.0 hp 116 hp engine and 16.8 kgfm of torque for a weight of only 1,113 kg. Would a manual gearbox be more legal to follow with the proposal? Certainly, but we know that the market prefers automatic mostly.

Chevrolet Onix RS 2021 (test)
Chevrolet Onix RS 2021 (test)
Chevrolet Onix RS 2021 (test)

In other words, we have a hatch that accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in an acceptable 10.9 seconds – as a “reference”, the Sandero RS did the same test in 9.1 seconds with its 150 hp of the aspirated 2.0 engine. The advantage is that we have a “normal” car consumption of 8.2 km / l in the city and 12.3 km / l on the road, always with ethanol, unlike the Renault sports car, which is far from such averages.

However, Onix RS deserved something more. Not by the engine, but at least one set of suspension and steering that best suits the look. Despite the hatch already having a firmer fit than the Onix Plus, the Onix RS deserved a slightly firmer set and a more communicative and less light electric steering – at this point, the previous generation of Onix was superior. It gets around the faster corners well, but we see that part of that is up to the 195/55 R16 tires. Maybe something close to the VW Polo GTS would make us more excited.

But this “very crazy outfit” (as Chaves would say) has a price. Its equipment list is similar to the Onix LTZ AT, including losing items in the 2021 line such as 4G on board and OnStar, in addition to the absence of the induction charger and the start button. It maintains the six airbags, traction controls and stability and receives the MyLink with an 8 “screen and wired smartphone mirroring. The headlights with projectors refer to the Premier, but with a black mask and exclusive finish, in addition to everything we have already mentioned.

Chevrolet Onix RS 2021 (test)

At R $ 75,590, the Onix RS 2021 is R $ 6,800 more expensive than LTZ and R $ 3,100 cheaper than Premier 1. As rivals, the Hyundai HB20 Sport costs R $ 72,590, the Fiat Argo HGT costs R $ 74,990 (reaches R $ 81,840 with options) and the Renault Sandero GT-Line is priced at R $ 77,790 – as a curiosity, the Sandero RS costs R $ 79,190.

That is, do not expect the Onix RS 2021 to be a sports car. It is an Onix LTZ that wore a cool outfit, but wanted to maintain the comfort of the automatic transmission and the efficiency of the 1.0 turbo. Would it be a little cooler with the 6-speed manual transmission? Certainly, but it is the mass buyer who dictates the rules. If there are “shopping SUVs”, we can say without prejudice that the Onix RS is a “shopping sports car”.

Photos: Leo Fortunatti and disclosure

Fact sheet: Chevrolet Onix RS 2021

MOTORfront, cross, three cylinders, 12 valves, 999 cm3, double variable control, turbo, flex
POWER / TORQUE116 cv a 5.500 rpm; 16,3/16,8 kgfm a 2.000 rpm
STREAMING6-speed automatic transmission, front-wheel drive
SUSPENSIONindependent McPherson at the front, torsion axle at the rear
WHEELS AND TIRES light alloy rim 16 “with 195/55 R16 tires
BRAKESventilated discs at the front and drums at the rear, with ABS and ESP
WEIGHT1,113 kg in running order
DIMENSIONSlength 4,163 mm, width 1,731 mm, height 1,476 mm, wheelbase 2,551 mm
CAPACITIES41 liter tank; 275 liter trunk
PRICER$ 75.590
Chevrolet Onix 1.0T AT6
0 a 60 km/h5,1 s
0 a 80 km/h7,8 s
0 a 100 km/h10,9 s
40 to 100 km / h in D7,4 s
80 to 120 km / h in D7,0 s
100 km/h a 036,2 m
80 km/h a 022,6 m
60 km/h a 012,9 m
City cycle8.2 km / liter
Estrada cycle12.3 km / liter


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