Child mutilation in Europe reignites debate over grotesque procedure


Ending female genital mutilation (FGM) by 2030 is one of the Sustainable Development Goals established by the UN. But making the goal a reality seems difficult when you have access to the numbers in this grotesque form of sexuality female.

The practice has already claimed 200 million victims in 92 countries with information. But the number is much higher due to underreporting as silence seems to be a rule in countries where “tradition” has their girls maimed and women.

The data are in a report published by Folha, Saturday, 17 and indicate countries in more than 80% of women are submitted to partial or total removal of the clitoris that can be combined with the cut of the small and large lips. Only in Europe, there are 180,000 girls at risk of being mutilated, according to the European Commission.

And it is from the Old Continent, where there are over 600 women victims of mutilation, that another sad story emerges that exposes the scale of the problem. A case of mutilation in Russia involving a 9-year-old girl went to court after the girl’s mother filed a complaint against her ex-husband, his wife and the doctor who performed the procedure. The girl went to spend the weekend in her father’s case, in the border region with Georgia, in southwest Russia, and returned home mutilated, with a fever and crying.

The judicial process on the subject is unprecedented there, but it should end without punishment, since in the country there is no law that punishes or prohibits the practice. The doctor who cut the girl is only responsible for minor damage to health, but mutilation, according to the WHO, can cause physical sequelae, such as serious infections and hemorrhages, and mental disorders for life.

According to Unfpa, the United Nations’ sexual and reproductive health agency, the coronavirus pandemic exacerbates the problem and could result in an additional 2 million cases of female genital mutilation. Because of confinement, children are more exposed to this type of violence.

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