Child takes mother’s lubricant to school thinking it was alcohol gel


According to the mother, the child only intended to clean his hands, but ended up getting confused with the product bottle, which has his name

In times of pandemic of the new coronavirus (Covid-19), gel alcohol became an indispensable item, mainly with the reopening of some schools abroad. No wonder little Summer, just 5 years old, decided to take him to school to clean himself and not be contaminated by the pathogen. The problem is that she ended up getting confused and took her mother’s lubricant.

According to The Sun, Louise Hosie, of Livingston, Scotland, only noticed the case when she found the Ann Summers packaging in her daughter’s jacket pocket. She believes her daughter must have been confused when she saw the name of the product, thinking it was a disinfectant for her to maintain the hygiene rules imposed by her mother.

“Two days ago, I was washing Summer’s school jacket and I realized that she was actually taking the lubricant to school. Because her name is Summer and the packaging had Ann Summers, I think she thought it was hers. Immediately, I was shocked, wondering if the teachers had seen it. But, I think if they had seen it, they would have taken it, “Hosie told The Sun.

Louise even talked to her daughter about the situation. “She just said, ‘I was cleaning my hands so I wouldn’t get germs.’ I asked if she had hand sanitized her friends and she said yes “, she reported.

The mother also reports that Summer liked the product, because it gave her hands a feeling of softness and warmth. “It will be funny when she turns 18. I can put a picture on her birthday cake!”, Joked the mother.


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