Chinese doctor who changed color due to Covid-19 has recovered skin tone


THE Chinese doctor Yi Fan, 42, who made news all over the world, in April, for having a totally different skin tone during the treatment against Covid-19, recovered from the disease and its original color.

In addition to Fan, who is a cardiologist, also doctor Hu Weifeng, developed this side effect at the same time. However, he ended up not surviving and died, in June, at 42, after five months of fighting the disease.

At the time, several experts explained that Fan and Weifeng, natural Wuhan, the epicenter of the pandemic, was due to a liver response to a hormonal imbalance, caused by the medication administered and the disease.

[O antes e depois de Yi Fan e Hu Weifeng (que acabou por morrer) ]© DR

Both Fan and Weifeng were infected no Central Hospital Wuhan, where they worked, in the month of janeiro, before the new coronavirus spreads around the world and kills more than a million people. A few days after they knew they were infected, both had to be admitted to an intensive care unit due to the severity of the symptoms.

Weifeng lost the battle in June, but Fan ended up surviving and, this Monday, the 26th of October first appeared in public, in a report from the Central Hospital of Wuhan, where he continues to work.

The cardiologist took the opportunity to thank Wang Chen, a doctor specializing in respiratory diseases who, according to Fan, is responsible for saving his life.

“Wang saved me. I really need to thank you, ”he said.

Note that, in the images, the two doctors appear in the hospital unit, without a mask.

It is recalled that Fan was also Li’s colleague Wenliang, the doctor scolded by the Chinese authorities for making public the new coronavirus crisis in Wuhan and who died of the disease several weeks later.

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