Chinese President warned troops to prepare for war – Observer


The visit would have been discreet but it was reported by Xinhua, the Chinese state agency, and after that by CNN: this Tuesday the Chinese president paid a visit to a military base in Chaozhou, in Guangdong province (the former Canton) , and asked the troops to prepare for war.

“Put all your mind and energy into preparing for war” would have been the exact words of Xi Jinping as he went through the People’s Liberation Army Marine Corps stationed there. The Chinese president is also said to have asked soldiers to be “absolutely loyal, absolutely pure, and absolutely reliable” and to maintain “a heightened alertness”.

The visit to troops stationed in the city of southeastern China, right next to the Taiwan Strait, takes place at a time when tension between the country and the United States has reached unprecedented levels, and when extreme positions have been reached with the new coronavirus crisis, the implementation of the new 5G networks and the autonomy of Taiwan.

According to CNN, on the eve of this Jinping visit, embedded in the official agenda for the 40th anniversary of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, also in Guangdong, the White House notified Congress that it was planning to move forward with the sale of three advanced systems of arms to Taiwan.

China, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman, responded quickly and harshly: it urged the United States to “immediately cancel any plans to sell arms to Taiwan” and to cut all “military ties” between the US and the territory, whose autonomy does not recognize.


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