City Hall confirms cases of Covid-19 in children’s schools in Porto Alegre; decree releases other levels of education | Rio Grande do Sul


On Friday (16), the City of Porto Alegre confirmed seven cases of coronavirus in six schools in the capital. It was not disclosed whether the patients are students, teachers or staff.

See the list of schools below:

  • EEI São Francisco Nucleus – 1 confirmed case of Covid-19
  • EEI House of Nazareth – 1 confirmed case of Covid-19
  • Emei Vila Tronco – 2 confirmed cases of Covid-19
  • Emei Santo Expedito – 1 confirmed case of Covid-19
  • EMEI Uncle Barnabas – 1 confirmed case of Covid-19
  • Children’s school Nossa Senhora de Nazaré – 1 confirmed case of Covid-19

Children’s schools have been free to operate, with security measures, since last October 5th. The third year of high school in the capital was also able to return from the same date, as well as professional education and the teaching of youth and adults (EJA).

Children’s schools already have authorized classroom classes in Porto Alegre – Photo: Disclosure / PMPA

On October 13, the city released school meals and support activities for secondary, elementary and special education. In a decree published on Friday, the city government released more levels of education:

  • October 19: return to primary education 1, special and EJA (municipal education)
  • November 3: return to elementary school 2, special, first and second years of high school and evening activities

Higher education classes remain suspended, both in public and private establishments, as well as teaching classes in general, such as language courses, sports, arts, cooking and the like.

Public servants complain about the lack of structure and security in schools in the capital

According to the city, up to 82,515 students from public and private schools will be able to attend schools. Institutions must follow the protocols for combating and preventing Covid-19 defined by the city, such as limiting the number of students, a minimum space of 1.5 meters between tables and scheduling the use of common spaces.

The city also reports that it sent kits with alcohol gel, soap, paper towels and facial protectors to schools, among other items.

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