Civil Police identify the bodies of the 12 dead men who belonged to the narcomilicia


The Civil Police identified the bodies of the 12 men suspected of involvement in one of the country’s largest militias. They were killed yesterday (15) during a police operation in Itaguaí (RJ), in Baixa Fluminense. According to the police, after being intercepted, the suspects got out of the car and opened fire on the agents.

At the time of the approach, according to the Civil Police, former PM Carlos Eduardo Benevides Gomes, Bené, appointed as head of the group, was surrounded by 11 “armed security guards” in the gang. A policeman was injured.

All suspects were killed by the police. They are: Carlos Eduardo Benevides Gomes, Magnun Cirilo da Silva, Emerson Benedito da Silva, Wagner Eduardo da Cruz, Paulo Cesar Cassimiro Duarte, Maicon Rodrigo da Costa, Rodrigo Faustino Gamma, Walace dos Santos Lopes, Luiz Felipe Pereira Bertoldo, João Vitor Leitão Rangel, Otavio Victor Schwantes de Araujo and Mateus dos Santos Silva.

According to the police, Carlos Eduardo Benevides Gomes was the militia leader in the city of Itaguaí and a very dangerous criminal, in addition to a violent profile. A former military police officer, Benevides was excluded from the ranks of the PM due to involvement with the Campo Grande militia, according to information released.

Former PM Carlos Eduardo Benevides, known as Benevides or Bené, was one of Rio’s most wanted criminals

Image: Reproduction

He was on the run and had more than 10 pending preventive arrest warrants and dozens of criminal notes for various crimes such as homicide, theft, extortion, conspiracy, illegal possession of a firearm and criminal organization.

Emerson Benedito da Silva was another leader of the criminal organization that operated in Itaguaí and the region, alongside Benevides, according to the Civil Police. He was also wanted by the police and had an arrest warrant pending.

Já Magnun Cyril da Silva was one of Benevides’ trusted men and wanted with 7 pending arrest warrants. All the other dead men had committed some sort of crime, from receiving to personal injury and extortion.


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