Claudia Raia reveals behind the scenes of Alexandre Frota’s separation


Claudia Raia is a multipurpose artist with many curious stories of life and profession to tell. One of them, in particular, his relationship with Alexandre Frota, has always been a reason for boxing. To the delight of the fans, this and other passages in the trajectory of the actress, singer and dancer are now printed on the pages of a memoir, which she releases by the publisher Harper Collins.

In an excerpt from the book “Always rises a new day”, given to Glamor, Claudia Raia recalls the troubled separation, in 1989, from Frota. Written in collaboration with journalist Rosana Hermann, the 256-page work is filled with chapters that outline the remarkable phases of his career. The volume reaches physical stores (R $ 44.90) and the e-book format (R $ 29.90) on November 16.

Widely covered by entertainment vehicles at the time, the actress’s relationship with current deputy Alexandre Frota began in 1986. The two were married in December of that year and separated in a troubled way in 1989, when he filed for divorce.

Claudia gave Glamor an exclusive excerpt from the work (below) in which she remembers the final moments of the wedding.

“I never betrayed Alexandre, I never did anything to destroy my marriage. On the contrary, I always believed in our union and dreamed of reproducing my parents’ model, so much so that I insisted on a giant veil and a pompous party, exactly to imitate the marriage of my mother, who had stopped the city of Campinas. I wanted a happy, loving, children-like marriage ‘until death do us part.’ But Alexandre was a compulsive womanizer, and I was tired of hearing alerts from friends and friends about their betrayals “, says Claudia in a fragment of the excerpt reproduced by Glamor.

And he continues: “When my mother stopped me, at the entrance of the church of Candelária, on the day of my wedding with him, and said” don’t marry this man “, she should have known about it, because, as I discovered years later, she had hired a detective to find out about Alexandre’s life. Despite all this, he was the one who asked for the separation, which made my head knot. It was a huge frustration to see, at the age of 22, my little castle dreams falling apart, a horrible feeling of failure. “


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