“Clearly denouncing”: Bruno de Carvalho dismisses “criminal” title on Rui Pinto – Football Leaks


Former Sporting president heard this Thursday in court

This Thursday the 13th session of Rui Pinto’s trial will take place within the scope of Football Leaks, in which the hacker is being tried for 90 crimes, including illegitimate access, improper access, violation of correspondence, computer sabotage and attempted extortion. This morning is already being heard as witness Bruno de Carvalho, at the time of the facts president of Sporting.

At the entrance of the court and questioned by CMTV whether Rui Pinto was a criminal or a whistleblower, before the former Leonine leader entered the court, Bruno de Carvalho was adamant: “Clearly a whistleblower!”, He replied. “Now I have to be calm, say everything I think is relevant to the process and answer the questions. This is a dance for two, I can only answer what they ask me,” he said, still guaranteeing: “I don’t feel invaded, nothing, nothing. Fortunately we had nothing to hide “.

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