“Clearly denouncing”: Bruno de Carvalho dismisses “criminal” title on Rui Pinto – Portugal


This morning will be heard as witness Bruno de Carvalho, at the time of the facts President of Sporting. The controversial Leon leader, listed as a witness by the Alvalade club, promises an explosive testimony and, judging by the publications made this Wednesday, it may even prove to be a ‘weapon’ for Rui Pinto’s defense.

“Portugal and the World are experiencing 2 Pandemics: Covid19 and Corruption! Tomorrow, at 9:30 am, I will testify in the” Rui Pinto “case. If wearing a mask I want to contribute to the fight against Covid19, with my words I hope to collaborate so that whoever is corrupt should be punished “, Bruno de Carvalho wrote on Twitter, implying that he values ​​Rui Pinto’s actions as a whistleblower.


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