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CONCERNED: Assistant Health Director Espen Nakstad in June. Photo: Krister Sørbø, VG

On Thursday, 270 new cases of infection were registered in Norway. This is the highest number of infections in one day since March 26.

FHI has previously stated that cases of infection that are reported one day may have a test date several days back in time. The number can thus be adjusted later.

There are now 17,234 registered cases since the outbreak began.

In the last 14 days, the infection rate in Norway is 24.4 per 100,000 inhabitants.

The infection trend in Norway is flat, but 18 municipalities have a rising infection trend, VG’s overview shows.

79 of the new cases were registered in Oslo. Most have been registered in one day in the capital in the last two weeks, where a total of 662 have been registered as infected in total.

With the exception of 81 registered infected on October 7, yesterday is the day with the most new infected since the beginning of April. However, there is great variation between the days.

Most new infections in total are in the Frogner district, which has 79 new cases in the last 14 days alone. Then comes Old Oslo (72), Nordstrand (60) and Alna (52).

– It is clear that we must make changes to succeed in continuing to control the pandemic in Norway. First and foremost, we must ensure that compliance with the current advice and measures is strengthened, there are too many examples of infection control slipping into practice, and we must work more purposefully towards environments and situations where we know the infection risk is greatest, says Espen Nakstad in The Norwegian Directorate of Health to NRK.

He adds that new measures are now being considered, but will not say what it is about.

– There is a lot to be gained from improved compliance both in the population in general, and in the environments where the infection is greatest, for example in workplaces where business travelers travel in and out of the country.

45 people were hospitalized as of October 22, while 279 people have lost their lives with the coronavirus since the first death was registered in March.

– The figures tell us that the infection has risen steadily in Norway in the last two months and that the reproduction number (R) is now unfortunately above 1. In addition, we see that the infection has begun to spread to older age groups here in Norway, in the same way as we have seen in Europe, Nakstad told VG on Thursday.

Highest number admitted since May

Since September, there has been a gradual increase in the number of admissions, and there are now 45 corona patients admitted to hospital, which is the highest number since May.

6 people receive intensive care, of which 4 of them are on a respirator, according to VG’s overview.

Nakstad told VG that there has been the largest increase in infection in the largest cities, but that outbreaks in district municipalities also contribute to the increase. The increase in the number of admissions is related to a general increase in infection in Norway since August.

– In addition, we see that the infection has begun to spread to older age groups also with us in Norway, in the same way as we have seen in Europe, he says.

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