Cleo kisses two women in clip – Fabia Oliveira


Cleo Pires running a fetish party. This is the central motto of the clip ‘Você É do Mal’, the São Paulo trio As Baías, formed by Assucena, Rafael Acerbi and Raquel Virgínia. In the video, the actress and singer appears more sensual than ever and between scenes, there are everything from kisses between Cleo and Assucena to making out with nude or half-naked models, covered only with ribbons or with jock strap underpants (which leave the butt behind). shows) or leopard print.


Cleo and The Bays

The daughter of Fábio Júnior and Glória Pires, who never hid to like the theme, appears quite at ease in the clip. The single, which reached the streaming platforms this Friday (16th), is part of the ‘Respire & Coragem’ project of the São Paulo band. In addition to music with Cleo, partnerships with Luísa Sonza, Linn da Quebrada and Kell Smith will also be launched. The group As Baías also received a new Latin Grammy nomination this year, the second in a row. They were the first trans artists to compete for the award, along with Liniker last year.


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