Cleo leaves breasts exposed in teaser of new clip. Look!


Next Friday (16), Cleo and As Baías release the clip for the song Você É Do Mal. To calm fans’ anxiety, the actress shared a small teaser on her Instagram account.

In the images, Cleo appears starring in hot scenes and with her breasts exposed, with her nipples covered only by adhesive tape.

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Cleo on bruxism: ‘I ate all my teeth’

Cleo used social media to tell fans about bruxism. The actress revealed that she returned to using a plaque to try to reverse the problem.

“I put the device on again. I had already put an aligner back there and that was one of the things that changed my face in a positive way, I liked it a lot. As I have bruxism, I ate all my teeth. My arch was getting smaller and smaller in. Now that I haven’t used my plate for a long time, the same thing happened. I used the aligner again and we’re going to increase my bite again, “he said.

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Cleo ‘gives subpoena’ in crushes on the web: ‘Anyway, hypocrisy’

Cleo is tired of slow crushes. The artist released the verb on her Twitter, complaining that a lot of people say they want to be with her, but do not praise her when posting photos.

The brunette gave a ‘subpoena’ so that, if they wish, they need to comment at least the stories she publishes on Instagram when she is hot.

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Good-natured, Cleo used a meme that is fashionable on the web: the ‘finally, hypocrisy’, used when comparing two situations.

“He says he wants to catch me, but he doesn’t even react to the stories that I’m hot … anyway, hypocrisy”, he wrote.

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