Cleo stars in hot scenes in music video


Cleo (Playback / Instagram)

Away from the small screens, Cleo has been dedicating his career in music, and this Wednesday afternoon (14), surprised the audience by appearing in a teaser of a hot clip. At the time, the production is the group As Baías.

In the feat, the daughter of Glória Pires sensualizes more than anything with a fetishistic look beyond daring and apparently kisses without any shame.

It is worth remembering that, recently, the cat left fans impressed when she reported a touching outburst of her life, after having gained weight. According to the muse, life gave him a lot of beating when it all happened.

When I felt I was out of the standard, and we know when it is, there is no need for anyone to point it out, I hid. I felt it was going to cause a stir that I didn’t feel like living. When I got older I decided I wasn’t going to hide when I got fat. It’s nothing big, our body changes. But I got beaten up a lot ”, said the cat.

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