Cleo ventes about existential crises: ‘Constant’


Cleo is a versatile artist and an authentic woman, she speaks what she feels and expresses herself freely, always.

In the quarantine, the actress shared relevant subjects with her social media fans, telling her own experiences with regard to self-esteem, anxiety, body sway, beauty pattern.

On Monday (26), the singer also posted a short sentence, but full of meaning, reflecting on the theme.

“After 18 [anos] existential crises become more constant ”, said the daughter of Gloria Pires and Fábio Jr.

Applause to Cleo, who knows how to be people like us, interacting with fans on necessary matters.

Father’s affection

Throughout Friday (2), Cleo was honored when completing another year of life. The actress celebrated her 38th birthday, being cherished by family, friends and fans. The special congratulations filled your heart with joy.

It is none other than his father, the heartthrob Fábio Jr. who used his official Instagram account, to publish a beautiful tribute to the birthday girl of the day.

“Congratulations, puppy! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH my perfect! May God bless you, protect you, enlighten you and always guide you! Big kiss and I miss you SO much! ”, He said.

Following, the singer returned the affection.

“Thank you very much, I love you so much, I don’t even know how to thank you so much,” she said.

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