climate heats up between Mariano and Mirella at dawn


Mariano and Mirella (Photo: Reproduction)

Mirella and Mariano chatted a lot at A Fazenda

Although they are not very close, Mirella and Mariano ended up getting closer in the post-party of A Fazenda 12.

The two chatted a lot. “We end up going the wave, I look really bad. I don’t know bro, I’m not like that, I’m bad for Lu, I even got hurt today ”, shot Mirella in A Fazenda. “The biggest problem here is not making mistakes, it is because at the time it is very crazy, we have very little time to think and to solve things, but then we have a lot of idle time, where we are wondering: is it or isn’t it? ”said Mariano.

“I get very sad at A Fazenda pela Lu, she is a very difficult person to deal with, I already told her that, I like her very much because of her story, for everything she has been through, but there is no way to pass her hand over people’s heads in here, do you understand me? ”said Mirella.

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Mirella slipped on top of Mariano (Photo: Reproduction)
Mirella slipped on top of Mariano (Photo: Reproduction)

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“Mi, I understand in A Fazenda, and I will tell you: Lu since she left she receives a lot of adjectives, and there were things that I thought, I had friction with her, she is a person who cannot receive an opinion and such” , said Mariano, the moment Luiza Ambiel arrived and lay on the sofa next to them, and they stopped talking.

On social media, A Fazenda’s public commented. “Is it my impression or is Mirella hitting on Mariano?” Said one. “Mirella looks like me when I’m drunk crazy to kiss the boy and he keeps giving a speech”, declared another. “People she is giving him real certainty that she wants to see Jack,” said a third. “Eita Mariano is enjoying it. Hands clasped and everything. Hahaha couple? ”, Said one more.

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