Close to returning to Corinthians, Sornoza has his house broken into in Ecuador | corinthians


Midfielder Junior Sornoza, who belongs to Corinthians and is on loan to LDU until the end of the year, had his home in Portoviejo, Ecuador, robbed last Sunday.

Sornoza and his family were not at the scene at the time of the crime. The bandits took electronic devices, clothes, pictures and other objects.

– I had the sad surprise that my entire house was emptied. Sad, yes, for my family, for Portoviejo, for the insecurity. They violated all safety rules. I want to thank the National Police, who were with me until late at night looking for a clue – said the midfielder, in a video published on Instagram.

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Sornoza is loaned by Corinthians to LDU – Photo: Reproduction

Sornoza has been at LDU since the beginning of the season and, even though he is a starter and has a good performance, he will not remain in the team in 2021. Facing financial difficulties, the Ecuadorian club has already warned that he will not be able to afford the purchase price fixed in the contract.

At 26, the player has a contract with Corinthians until the end of 2022.

First Ecuadorian to wear Timão’s shirt, he played 32 matches, scored a goal and gave 11 assists in his only season for the club in 2019.

Currently, the alvinegro cast has six foreigners: Araos, Boselli, Bruno Méndez, Cantillo, Cazares and Otero. It is only possible to list five non-Brazilian athletes per match.


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