Coca-Cola cuts the Tab – E24 brand


Coca-Cola cuts the soft drink Tab and a number of other brands, according to the Wall Street Journal. Coca-Cola Norway will not comment on whether the Tab X-tra, which is only found in Norway, will disappear.

COLA-CUT: Tab X-tra was launched in Norway in 1994 and is currently only available in Norway. Now the soft drink is facing an uncertain future as Coca-Cola will cut the Tab brand.

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Coca-Cola will remove the Tab brand.

Coca-Cola’s first soft drink, launched in 1963, became a pop culture icon in the 70’s and 80’s.

But when Coca-Cola launched another light shower, Tab gradually became less popular.

Coca-Cola still maintained the brand – despite failing sales – to appease the fan base known as “Tabaholics”.

About a month ago, Coca-Cola said the company planned to halve the number of brands from 500 due to corona.

Now the Wall Street Journal writes that Tab is on the list of brands that are cut together with, among others, Diet Coke Feisty Cherry, Sprite Lymonade and Coke Life.

Coca-Cola Norway will not comment

The soda Tab X-tra was launched in Norway in 1994 as a sugar-free alternative for cola drinkers.

Norway was the first country where the Tab X-tra was launched, and the product is currently only available in Norway.

Communications Director Per Hynne in Coca-Cola Norway will not comment on whether Tab X-tra will now disappear in Norway.

– Is this true or is it a mistake?

– We do not comment on our plans in Norway, they may be a reality. If that happens, you will probably find out, Hynne answers in an SMS.

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– Does anyone know will get their heart broken

To the Wall Street Journal, Coca-Cola’s head of innovation and marketing operations, Cath Coetzer, says that Coca-Cola loves its brands, but that they try to make room for new ones.

Coetzer says she knows some of her customers will have their hearts broken.

– To them I say: “Come on this journey with us to the next that comes in the segment of reduced calories”.



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