Comil launches 100% electric road bus with BYD chassis


Model Campione Invictus 1200 is configured for 42 seats; pollution is zero during operation; battery autonomy can reach 300 km and power to 402 horses


Body maker Comil officially unveiled this Friday morning, October 16, 2020, together with BYD, its first 100% electric road bus model.

The Campione Invictus 1200 on the BYD D9F 4 × 2 chassis (two axles) is already approved, according to Comil.

The version presented is 12.8 meters long and is configured with 42 semi-sleeper seats with leg rests.

According to BYD, the batteries have a range of 300 km, depending on operating conditions. The vehicle’s power is 402 horsepower.

The bus has two engines that are integrated into the wheels of the rear axle.

The main advantages are lower noise and chatter levels than conventional diesel buses and zero pollution emission during operations.

The battery bank is located between the wheels, in place of part of the luggage racks that have a reduced capacity.

Maintenance hatches are independent to facilitate work

Thus, the model is more suitable for chartering; selective metropolitan services, such as EMTU in Greater São Paulo; and regular lines of short or medium distances, in which passengers are not in the habit of carrying large amounts of luggage.

Because of the silence in the operation, another possibility of applying the vehicle is in hotel receptacles or even trips in hospital areas.

In the case of metropolitan selective lines, the model can contribute to the reduction of noise and pollution in large and medium-sized cities, in addition to improving the image of the company and the transport system.

Comil highlighted the installation of battery maintenance hatches on the body that were separated from the others, which can facilitate vehicle repair work.

Another difference is that the model is the first bus body in Brazil for a 100% electric chassis in Brazil with a toilet, which required new engineering solutions by Comil.

Internally, buses have the same comfort and safety items as other models.

Among the internal items of the body are air conditioning with individual outlets, toilet, audio and video systems, USB connectors and reserved seat with elevator for accessibility. The bus also features internal monitoring cameras.

Externally, the model has traction control and parking sensor.

The chassis features disc brakes with ABS system and air suspension.

Body received new structure for electric chassis

Through a note to the Transport Diary, BYD’s bus division director Marcello Schneider exemplifies some applications for the model.

“With this autonomy it is possible for operators to travel short and medium distances with great performance and economy of operation. This is an excellent opportunity for the charter market and the transfer between airports and cities. “ – he explained.

On the same note, the commercial manager of Comil Ônibus, Tiago Zanette, said that the project was not simply about using the same existing Campione Invictus 1200 in the market, but without the combustion engine.

Various adaptations were necessary to make the body suitable for electric propulsion.

“The concern was in the details of the project, creating a differentiated and customized body for this chassis model, thinking about the best use of the structural layout and seeking to meet the needs of the road customer. ”, detailed.

Adamo Bazani, transport journalist

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