Concerns about second wave of contamination from Covid-19 presses and coffee …


The Arabica coffee futures market ended the week with a devaluation for major contracts on the New York Stock Exchange (ICE Future US). The week was marked by the conditions of Brazilian crops and the market dealing with a possible second wave of Covid-19.

December / 20 had a drop of 225 points, worth 107.25 cents / lbp, March had a drop of 210 points, worth 110 cents / lbp and May / 21 had a drop of 220 points, worth 111.40 cents / lbp.

“Arabica coffee was under pressure on Friday due to concerns that the new blocking measures imposed in some of Europe’s largest cities would reduce coffee consumption and demand,” said the international website Barchart.

Still according to the publication, France imposed a curfew in 9 of its largest cities between 9:00 pm and 6:00 am for four weeks from Saturday, and Londoners will be banned from mingling with other families indoors since this weekend. week.

Despite the forecasts that indicated rain for coffee areas this week, volumes were still low and producers registered hail fall, which brought even more concern to the 2021 harvest. All areas of coffee production in Minas Gerais and Alta Mogiana / SP face the most severe drought in recent years and the new crop already begins with potential for loss for Brazil.

According to a weekly analysis by the National Coffee Council, the weather models indicate a lot of rain in the Southeast region this weekend, especially on the coast of Espírito and Rio and January. Between the north of São Paulo and the entire state of Minas Gerais, storms can occur this Friday, while the other São Paulo areas receive passing rains.

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In the physical market, a good part of the agents remained retracted, making business unfeasible and causing prices to fluctuate little. The indicators calculated by the Center for Advanced Studies in Applied Economics (Cepea) for the Arabica and Conilon varieties were R $ 540.51 / bag and R $ 398.92 / bag, with variations, respectively, of 0.5% and 1.3%.

In this trading session, the main producing squares in the country ended the day with falls, following the outside.

Type 6 hard spout drink fell 1.82% in Patrocínio / MG, worth R $ 540.00. Araguarí / MG was down 1.79%, at R $ 550.00, Poços de Caldas / MG, down 0.38%, at R $ 518.00 and Guaxupé / MG had a devaluation of 0.88%, being traded for R $ 562.00.

The peeled cherry type fell 1.67% in Patrocínio / MG, worth R $ 590.00. Guaxupé / MG had a fall of 0.82%, negotiated for R $ 605.00, Poços de Caldas / MG registered a fall of 0.35%, worth R $ 568.00 and Varginha / MG maintained the stability for R $ 600, 00.

Conilon coffee ended the day with technical enhancement. November / 20 rose $ 9 per ton, worth $ 1273, January / 21 rose $ 11 per ton, traded at $ 1297, March / 21 rose $ 11 per ton, traded at $ 1306 and May / 21 increased by US $ 10 per ton, traded at US $ 1320.

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