Confirmed! Senate evaluates proposal for additional R $ 2,000 in the INSS


Retirees, pensioners or registered in the Continuous Installment Benefit (BPC) from the National Social Security Institute (INSS) may be entitled to a new extra allowance in the amount of R $ 2 thousand. The text appears in legislative suggestion (SUG) No. 15/2020, proposed by Jefferson Brandão Leone – BA, already in progress in the Federal Senate.

The text of the payment of the extra allowance in the amount of R $ 2 thousand was registered on June 19 and has already collected more than 26,000 online signatures in favor of its implementation. Now, the document was received by Senator Paulo Paim for analysis and appreciation.

About the proposal

According to the text, the proposal aimed at implementing the payment of a extra subscription no value of R $ 2 thousand to retirees, pensioners and those enrolled in the BPC of the INSS during the state of public calamity, scheduled until December. The document provides for payments to the insured person who earns up to 3 minimum wages.

The new proposal was designed with the objective of being another tool in the fight against the pandemic of the new coronavirus. In addition, it was thought to be extremely important to INSS beneficiaries.

Citizens will be able to follow all the procedures on the official website of the Federal Senate, with developments of the initiative, as well as the details of their movement. In addition, of course, here on the website Notícias Concursos.

Project provides for payment of R $ 1,045

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A new emergency allowance on one minimum wage, currently worth R$1.045, is being proposed by Bill 4644/20. The text of the PL aims to provide the resource, to be paid in a single quota, to formal workers, retirees and pensioners of the RGPS (General Social Security Regime) and beneficiaries of the BPC (Continuous Benefit Benefit) and RMV (Lifetime Monthly Income) .

Authored by Congresswoman Sâmia Bomfim (SP), the project aims to contribute to the repertoire of actions to tackle the decrease in income of the most vulnerable families caused by coronavirus pandemic. The proposal was presented to the Chamber of Deputies by the PSOL bench, a party to which the parliamentarian belongs.

For employed workers, the proposal foresees the use of the operational structure of the salary bonus as an instrument to mitigate income loss. In the text justifying the project, the deputies cite data from the National Household Sample Survey Covid (Pnad Covid-19) according to which 41 million Brazilians lacked work in July this year.

The parliamentarians believe that it would be possible to reach, with the measure, more than 20 million people of working age. According to the project’s justification, “the workers who will be reached receive between one and two minimum wages, perform more precarious and unstable jobs and cannot do it remotely, such as janitors, salesmen and waiters”.

The second pillar of the proposition grants the same emergency allowance to the public assisted by BPC and RMV, in addition to retirees and pensioners who receive up to two minimum wages.

The deputies argue that, due to the advance of the 13th salary of retirees and pensioners due to the pandemic, in December they will be without the benefit. “The vast majority of retirees and pensioners help to support the whole family. Even before the pandemic, at least 10.8 million Brazilians depended on the income of retired elderly people to live ”, says the text of the project.

In the case of BPC, Psol deputies recall that the beneficiaries – people with disabilities and / or elderly people without means of subsistence – represent a very vulnerable portion of the population, which justifies the extraordinary allowance.

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