Consoles? Majority is considering buying PlayStation 5


The new consoles are almost here, but the pre-sale phase has already started and the race for consumers to guarantee a copy has been mind-boggling.

Microsoft will launch the Xbox Series X on November 10 for $ 499, accompanied by the less powerful, digital version of the Xbox Series S for $ 299. As for Sony, it chose the 19th of to launch the PlayStation 5 for 499 euros, together with the digital version for 399 euros.

Thus, we asked which of the new consoles our readers are thinking of buying. Sony’s PlayStation 5 was ahead of the rest.

Which of these new consoles are you considering buying?

After last week's question is finished, the disclosure of all results now follows through the analysis of the 2,786 responses obtained.

With 44% of responses, most readers say they are thinking about buying the PlayStation 5 (1,234 votes). In its turn 27% points to PlayStation 5 Digital from Sony as its possible next console (746 votes).

In the Microsoft market, 24% chose the new Xbox Series X (657 votes) while 5% chose the Xbox Series S (149 votes).

Graph results

For a better visual perception, follow the graph with the results:

The PS5 is therefore the most desired console by our readers. However, the Xbox Series X also has a significant legion of fans, new and already repeating. Everything indicates that the launch of the new consoles will be one of the high points in this year's technology, and everything is practically ready to receive the new equipment.

But if you didn't answer, tell us now which of the new consoles you are thinking of buying.

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