contest 5390 is drawn; check the numbers


Today (14), the Quina 5390 contest was drawn by Caixa Econômica Federal with the following numbers: 04-25-46-53-71. The main prize for this edition is R $ 5,626,724.43.

Soon, you, Quina’s bettor, will be able to follow through the Caixa website if there were winners or if the prize accumulated in another edition of the lottery.

How much does Quina’s bet cost?

With the adjustment implemented on November 10, 2019, now betting on Quina costs at least R $ 2 (with five numbers), but can reach R $ 6,006 (with 15). If the bet is placed on the website, the minimum purchase in a virtual session is R $ 30, but this amount may include games in other lotteries.

What is the chance to win the top prize for Quina?

With the minimum bet of five numbers (which costs R $ 2), you have a chance in 24 million to hit all of them and take the biggest prize of Quina. If you put another ten in the game, the price of the bet rises to R $ 12, but the chances become one in four million.

How does Quina’s official draw work?

Group bets on the Quina prize pool cost from R $ 10, but the minimum quota is R $ 3 per participant. The Caixa allows two to 50 quotas in this modality.


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