Corinthians coach questions physical preparation, asks for more participation from Boselli and praises Luan


Vagner Mancini called for a greater participation by Mauro Boselli in the Corinthians attack. In an interview given after the 5-1 defeat by Flamengo, Timão’s coach said that “the ball arrived” in the attack and claimed that the Argentine cannot stay out of the tactical context.

The Corinthians commander also emphasized the physical aspect of his athletes, who got tired and gave several spaces for the Rio team to attack at Neo Química Arena.

“He has to participate, he cannot be out of the team’s tactical context. From the moment we have the ball, we have to give the option of play, if we are without it, we have to score. What upset me is that we always arrive delayed in the plays. While we had a better physical aspect, the game was more balanced, when we got tired, Flamengo was superior in the game. When he lost his breath, we already lost the game, and we need to run behind and we couldn’t. Flamengo leave at speed and the team doesn’t keep up. There’s a mismatch. Corinthians arrived well with Camacho on the crossbar, the head shot, one or the other play in the first half. But in the second half the fight was uneven. and knowing what the weaknesses are and not showing them on the pitch. And finding our strong side, “he said.

“Still on the attackers, the balls arrived. Today the balls arrived. In a move by Mantuan almost makes the second, then a kick by Luan. If Corinthians scores these goals, maybe the game would be different. But then we took the 4 to 1 I am aware of what I saw today, I know that the adjustments need to be quick because Wednesday has another game. There is also the emotional aspect, we feel, we lose sleep, but the adjustments within each one will have to be made to that tomorrow we are already up and fighting “, he added.

Mancini also spoke of Luan’s entry as “false 9” during the second half, just in place of Boselli. Corinthians shirt 7 had good moments and gave Gil assistance to record Timão’s only goal in Itaquera.

“I think that nobody unlearns how to play. He had great games at Grêmio, he had some here too. He was elected the best player in America, so it is not possible that I cannot take this potential away from him. But I am looking for that, not only for him , but from all the other players. To demand from an individual athlete, we have to make him comfortable in the tactical aspect and, frankly, I don’t see this tactical comfort to make them feel at ease. I won’t look back, I just want to see the future. But we have to see the collective and adjust the individual aspect. We have good players here “, he evaluated.

“Luan was better than Boselli today, he had more participation. But he is still far from what can be. Regarding the impact of the rout, it is always very difficult. It affects everyone, the emotional, the panache of each one. I want that the next game arrives soon and that we delete it there. I want to show everyone that I want Corinthians. But at the same time we have to understand the reasons for changing the situation for the next match. Nobody is accepting what is happening, they can to be sure. We are going to rebalance things so that the team looks more like a fourth team than it played today “, he concluded.

Corinthians will enter the field again next Wednesday, at 9:30 pm, against Vasco da Gama, in São Januário, in Rio de Janeiro, for the 18th round of the Brasileirão.

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