Corinthians fans ‘save’ Cazares on a very low general day; double border zero


The embarrassing defeat by Flamengo 5-1 this Sunday, at Neo Química Arena, for the 17th round of the Brazilian Championship, reflected directly on the board Cheering Notes, here from My Timon.

In an afternoon of extremely low averages, the best in the field in the opinion of readers of the site was Ecuadorian Juan Cazares. The midfielder entered the field in the middle of the second half and managed to give a different dynamic to the team. With that, he got 4,3.

Defender Gil, author of Timão’s only goal in the match, and midfielder Luan, who also entered the final stage and assisted, completed the podium with Cazares. Both were left with 3,8.

The main negative highlight for Fiel was the midfielder Gabriel, who entered the final stretch of the match and committed in some capital moves. No wonder, it was close to zero and 0,5. Striker Everaldo was also poorly rated, with 0,9.

It is worth mentioning that coach Vagner Mancini received an evaluation of 2,7.

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Check the notes of the Corinthians fans

Average rating: 1.4
Ratings received: 3,584
Fagner Conserva LemosFagner
Average rating: 1.6
Ratings received: 3,219
Marllon GonMarllon
Average rating: 1.6
Ratings received: 3,169
Carlos Gilberto Nascimento SilvaGil
Average rating: 3.8
Ratings received: 3,198
Lucas Piton CrivellaroLucas Piton
Average rating: 1.6
Ratings received: 3,166
Average rating: 3.5
Ratings received: 3,123
Guilherme de Aguiar CamachoCamacho
Average rating: 1.7
Ratings received: 3,093
Average rating: 2.7
Ratings received: 3,106
Mateus da Silva Vital AssumpMatthew Vital
Average rating: 2.6
Ratings received: 3,068
Everaldo Silva do NascimentoEveraldo
Average rating: 0.9
Ratings received: 3,114
Mauro BoselliMauro Boselli
Average rating: 1.5
Ratings received: 3,096
Luan Guilherme de Jesus VieiraLuan
Average rating: 3.8
Ratings received: 3,198
Gustavo MantuanGustavo Mantuan
Average rating: 3.2
Ratings received: 3,003
Juani RamCazares
Star of the match
Average rating: 4.3
Ratings received: 3,389
Gustavo Henric da SilvaGustavo Silva
Average rating: 2.5
Ratings received: 2,967
Gabriel GirottoGabriel
Average rating: 0.5
Ratings received: 3,101
Vagner Carmo ManciniVagner Mancini
Average rating: 2.7
Ratings received: 2660
Leandro Pedro Vuaden
Average rating: 1.7
Ratings received: 2442
Total votes: 55,696

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