Corinthians improves in intensity and has victory summarized in the delivery of Xavier


Corinthians achieved an intensity victory in the first half, many difficulties in the second and can summarize the three points won in Curitiba in the delivery of young Xavier, midfielder who, incredibly, stayed five rounds without even entering the field with the white shirt .

To be fair, perhaps the two points can be summed up by Xavier, successful in one of the three attempts at individual pressure he promoted during the match by giving Everaldo the goal. The tie was secured by Walter, in great form when holding the opponent’s attack, mainly in a face-to-face with Renato Kayser.

In the field, Timão presented a very simplified tactical proposal, blocking the departure of the Athletico’s side and betting on the back arrival of Éderson and Ramiro to support Mateus Vital and Léo Natel.

The team went around the opposing area in the first 15 minutes and could have opened the scoring with Mateus Vital and Ramiro. But more importantly, he suffered very little back in the first half and was not overpowered by an opponent. Only a splashed ball at the edge of the area required Walter’s defense.

At the same time as the intensity set the tone for the initial stage, tiredness set the tone for the second. Éderson clearly was no longer able to keep up with his opponent’s pace, leaving Xavier a huge field space to cover.

It was a series of shots from outside the area for Walter to defend and, a vacillation from the defensive line, Renato Kayzer entered the space left by Gil. The striker did not score on Walter’s merit alone.

The game was controlled with the entries of Camacho, Cazares and Everaldo, and could have seen Corinthians advantage if Fagner did not lose a clear chance of head. The full-back, more aggressive in the 1 against 1 defensive and with an urge to attack, was the good news of the night.

Bruno Méndez complicated everything with child expulsion, but the pressure from Paraná was even controlled for those who had so much volume. And, when the 0-0 seemed right, Xavier’s star shone – and Everaldo’s calm, until then very bad in the game.

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