Corinthians promises approaching return and may be available to Mancini soon


About to start their journey in the Copa do Brasil, filling their schedule even more, Corinthians may have two reinforcements soon. Recently promoted to the professional squad, the defender Raul Gustavo and the attacking midfielder Gabriel Pereira may be available to Vagner Mancini in the coming days.

In your Instagram, the highlight of Copinha posted a photo with the defender, who reposted it with the caption “we are going back”. Both, it is worth remembering, were in physical trouble.

While he was still suspended due to confusion in the Under-20s, Raul Gustavo injured his ankle and is in the final stage of recovering from the pains that had been bothering him – his hook ended last Sunday, against Flamengo.

Gabriel Pereira, on the other hand, had a muscle injury in his right thigh, according to the report My Timon. The athlete, it is worth remembering, entered the field in his debut in the Brazilian Open and did not return to acting. He has been working in the field doing the transition process since the beginning of this month.

The returns should occur at a good time for Mancini. In the last few days, after all, Corinthians had to go after Marllon to fill the gap left by injured Danilo Avelar in defense. With Raul, the sector now has four names at its disposal: Méndez and Gil close the list.

Timão’s main name at Copinha, Gabriel Pereira appears as a good option for the sides of the field of the alvinegra team, who still do not have an absolute name. His return may be even more important due to the call by Gustavo Mantuan for the Under-20 National Team – the striker became an embezzlement for the next two games for Corinthians. Otero has also been called up and will be released soon.

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