Corinthians ties with Bragantino and gets closer to the relegation zone – 10/03/2020


Corinthians only tied with Red Bull Bragantino today (3) without goals, at the Nabi Abi Chedid stadium, in Bragança Paulista, for the 13th round of the Brazilian Championship. The result increases the Alvinegro crisis, which is closer to the relegation zone. Timão remains two points from the relegation zone, but could lose more positions in the round, as rivals fighting against the sticking still play on Sunday.

Corinthians repeated the result of the last match, against Atlético-GO, in addition to the same football – with an excess of individual and collective errors.

In the next round, Corinthians will play the classic against Santos, Wednesday (7), at 7 pm (Brasília time), at Neo Química Arena, for the 14th round of the Brazilian Championship. Red Bull Bragantino hosts Internacional next Thursday.

Who did well: Arthur, the one who ran the most

The technical quality of the game was far below expectations. Arthur was the most efficient player of the match, with dribbling and speed. However, he again sinned too much in the submissions.

Who was wrong: Jô deleted and replaced

Striker Jô was inoperative on the field. The 77 shirt shows that without the pace of the game. He was substituted 20 minutes into the second half for Boselli’s evening.

Mantuan came in well

Young midfielder Gustavo Mantuan entered the team well in the second half. In addition to skill, he gave movement and speed to the team. With the bad phase of Timão’s edge players in 2020, Mantuan may gain more opportunities. Corinthians ended the game with the offensive quartet formed by Mosquito, Cazares, Mantuan and Boselli.

Gabriel back and lost

The midfielder Gabriel was the only surprise in the lineup of Dyego Coelho. Shirt number 5 was lost in the marking and he went bad with Lucas Evangelista, Artur and company. the midfielder received a yellow card in the first half. It is worth mentioning that he lost the position of holder with Coelho after serving suspension.

Game chronology

Corinthians played a large part of the game in the 4-4-2 scheme, with two lines of four. Cantillo and Gabriel inside, with Otero and Léo Natel on the sides. In front, Luan and Jô. It is noteworthy that the number 7 returned to fit in the midfield and form a “line of three” behind Jô. However, Corinthians exposes mismatch, failed ball output, with several passing errors, and without any speed at the edges. The first dangerous finish comes at the end of the first half, when Léo Natel risked a shot from outside the box. Red Bull Bragantino runs a lot, differently from Corinthians, shows more rapport, but touches more ball before attempting submissions and, when he finished, did not hit the target or stopped at Cassio. In the second half, Corinthians was faster with the substitutions and, mainly, with the new offensive quartet, formed by Mosquito, Cazares, Mantuan and Boselli, but he sinned in the “last pass” and in the submissions.

Fagner returns from suspension and already takes card

Fagner returned to the team after fulfilling automatic suspension. The number 23 maintained the “standard” and already received a yellow card – today even in the first half. The full-back missed many passes and barely supported the attack.


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