Corinthians untie n in Portugal and starts week waiting for money from Pedrinho


Finally, Corinthians should receive the money from the sale of Pedrinho to Benfica, from Portugal. The expectation of the board is that the receipt happens by Wednesday, through an advance that will be made by a European investment fund (name is unknown).

People close to Andrés guaranteed the report of the My Timon that one of the last obstacles has been solved in recent days in Portugal, after signing documents by the president of the Portuguese club, Luis Felipe Vieira. This paperwork was a non-negotiable condition in the fund’s view.

Pedrinho was sold in March for € 20 million (R $ 105 million at the time). However, in August, a new agreement between the clubs reduced the amount to € 18 million (R $ 117 million at the time). On Monday’s quote, these same € 18 million is equivalent to R $ 119 million.

The club has not yet informed how much will be the actual amount received, as interest will be charged for the anticipation of the entire contract. It is worth remembering that Corinthians will use the full amount received and, in the near future, will reimburse the 30% that belong to Pedrinho and his entrepreneur Will Dantas.

Destiny from grit

It will be with this money, substantially, that Corinthians will be able to eliminate the salary pending of the squad. At this point, players have to receive the amounts that should have been paid on September 5 (for August) and, more recently, October 5 (for September).

It is worth remembering that the club still has pending issues related to taxes, bank loans, suppliers, businessmen, lawsuits and the purchase of economic rights and player loans (Danilo Avelar, Bruno Méndez, Sidcley, etc.) – some of which can be sued in FIFA .

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