Corinthians wins Coritiba upset and streak with victory in the Brazilian Under-23


Corinthians started in the fight for the title of the Brazilian Under-23 Championship with victory. This Friday, Timão visited Coritiba, at the Couto Pereira Stadium, and won the three points in a 2-1 upset victory.

Timão saw Coritiba to be superior in the first half and open the score still with 18 minutes, but Colmán managed the tie still in the initial stage. The Corinthians returned better in the second stage and sought the turnaround with Gabriel, on 17 minutes.

White agenda: Corinthians will enter the field again next Thursday. Playing for the first time at home, Timão receives Avaí, at 15h, for the second round of the Brazilian Aspirants.


Coach Edson Leivinha officially climbed Corinthians for the first time in the season with Guilherme Vicentini, Blanco, Igor, Adriel, Luan, Riquelme, Warian, Jorge Colmán, Dimitri, Hugo and Wallace.

My Timon

Coritiba, in turn, started the game with Arthur, Marcos Ulisses, Abraão, Márcio Leite, Angelo, Tomás, Guilherme, Robinho, Luiz Grabiel, Pablo and Cristian.

The game

First time

Dimitri built the first play of the match in the fourth minute and finished from outside the area, but the ball stayed on the mark. Coritiba pulled the counterattack and Cristian managed to finish first, but Guilherme made the defense in two halves.

With eight minutes the Corinthians coach was forced to move. Wallace was pushing the ball out of goalkeeper Arthur when he felt pain in his leg and had to leave the field. Thus, Gabriel took the place of Corinthians 9 shirt.

Timão saw the hosts being superior during the first 15 minutes of the game. Coritiba dominated possession of the ball and roamed the Corinthians area, but was not successful in submissions. With 18 minutes, Pablo made a good move on the right, invaded the area and was shot down. The judge scored a penalty, Pablo took the right corner and opened the scoring – the goalkeeper alvinegro fell in the right corner, but did not reach the ball.

Coritiba returned with danger on 26 minutes. Pablo received the ball in the middle and fired Critisan from the left, who invaded the area and hit Guilherme’s exit. The ball went through the goalkeeper and went into the goal, but Igor cleared over the line.

When Coritiba was experiencing its best moment in the match, Corinthians managed to draw. The ball crossed by the right found Gabriel on the left, which sent Colmán into the box. The first submission of shirt 7 was blocked, but the surplus came back with the Corinthians, who did not waste and put the 1 to 1 on the scoreboard with 31 minutes of play.

Despite the draw, Timão continued to suffer from the adversary pressure. Coritiba had possession in the attack, but was still being stopped by the white defense, which ruled out two good opportunities from the home team. With that, the first half came to an end.

Second time

With five minutes, Cristian came on the left, got rid of the mark and crossed, but the shot came out weak and Guilherme got the ball. Timão got his first submission ten minutes later, when Blanco had the remainder of the play at the edge of the area and finished hard for the defense in Arthur’s two halves.

Corinthians improved the possession of the ball and began to create good opportunities in the attack, until on 17 minutes the team alvinegra turned the game. Riquelme tried the pass inside the area, the ball hit the defense and returned with the Corinthians, who dribbled the markers inside the area and hit the goalkeeper’s exit. The ball exploded in the defender and returned with Gabriel, who did not miss the opportunity and pumped the net. 2 to 1 for Timão!

With 20 minutes, Timão almost expanded. Gabriel made a good move on the left and found Luan in the area, he finished first by taking the ball from the goalkeeper, but the finish exploded on the post and returned to play. Blanco still took the leftover outside the area and finished with force, but outside.

After good Corinthians pressure, Coritiba arrived with danger on 27 minutes, when Pablo received at the entrance of the area and was knocked down by Adriel with a foul. The free kick was defended by Guilherme and the ball remained alive in the area. In a new submission, now from Tomás, the Corinthians archer fell in the corner to put the ball in a corner. The ball was lifted in the area, Guilherme divided it at the top and suffered a foul by Márcio.

With 38 minutes, Jorge Colmán received the pass, pulled the counterattack and tried to trigger Hugo, but goalkeeper Arthur left the goal to intercept the play. After that, Leivinha made a change: Jorge Colmán left the game for Antony’s entrance.

Coritiba still arrived with danger in another opportunity, with Tomás from outside the area, but Guilherme made a good defense. In the final minutes, Gabriel pulled the counterattack and attempted the pass in the area, but the defense recovered. In the last move, Yuri took advantage of Guilherme’s wrong touch on Timão’s defense field and pulled the counterattack. He even submitted on Arthur’s exit, who made the defense and prevented the Corinthians goal.

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