Corn price declines, but level is still high in the Brazilian market


Photo: Jonas Oliveira / AnP

The Brazilian corn market had a Friday, 23 with greater tranquility and stable prices. After consecutive days of price increases, the week ended in a calmer tone and with no major changes in values ​​in the main markets. However, the market remains supported by an offer adjusted to demand.

In the Port of Santos, the price was R $ 79.50 / 81 a bag. In the Port of Paranaguá (PR), the value reached R $ 78.50 / 80 a bag.

In Paraná, the price was R $ 72/73 per bag in Cascavel. In São Paulo, the price was R $ 78/80 in Mogiana. In Campinas CIF, the price was R $ 82 / 83.50 a bag.

In Rio Grande do Sul, the price was R $ 78/80 a bag in Erechim. In Minas Gerais, the value reached R $ 70/71 a bag in Uberlândia. In Goiás, the price was R $ 71.50 – R $ 72 per bag in Rio Verde – CIF. In Mato Grosso, the price was R $ 67/70 a bag in Rondonópolis.


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